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Development and Implementation of a new Methodology for the Improvement of the Productivity in an Automotive Company: the KOSU Improvement Management-K.I.M., file de2a6152-f374-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 6
AHP-TOPSIS model to evaluate maintenance strategy using RAMS and production parameters, file de2a6154-0776-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 6
DMAIC FL_UE: application of revised tools for the study and optimization of materials flows in a metalworking company”, file 219d8c35-ca10-4a4f-96a6-0d7e06e8c21c 5
Global performance index for integrated management system: GPI-IMS, file 7af0628c-f22d-47b9-95aa-270ac4d3da9d 5
New reliability allocation methodology: the Integrated Factors Method, file de2a6152-ffa8-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 5
A new model for maintenance strategy based on failure analysis and multicriteria approach, file de2a6154-0641-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 5
Agile six sigma for services (Asss): A new approach to improve human activities efficiency, file 624abbdb-b09e-45db-b2ec-e7f36d8be3ef 4
A hybrid model to evaluate human error probability (HEP) in a pharmaceutical plant, file be8ece35-96fb-4510-81db-efac9b6d5167 4
Il controllo di qualità nelle trasmissioni aeronautiche mediante l’analisi vibrazionale, file de2a6152-fedb-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 4
Modeling and Simulation of an assembly line: a new approach for assignment and optimization of activities of operators, file de2a6153-0d49-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 4
AHP-IFM Target: An Innovative Method to Define Reliability Target in an Aerospace Prototype Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process, file de2a6153-8e6b-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 4
The role of Industry 4.0 enabling technologies in layout design and management: Current scenario and future developments, file 8262c906-78e0-4240-a5de-58fa2f935626 3
Quality Checks Logit Human Reliability (LHR): A New Model to Evaluate Human Error Probability (HEP), file c08f3956-99db-440c-841b-3a7fd9a49986 3
A Proposal of a new Methodology for the Optimization of WEEE Management process in a company producing Cathode Ray Tubes, file de2a6152-fd7b-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 3
Technical and economic verification of the convenience in reengineering a production line using simulation techniques, file de2a6153-0899-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 3
Lay-out optimisation through an integrated approach based on material flow and operations mapping using a commercial software, file de2a6153-4698-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 3
Assembly line balancing, proposal of a new methodology: integrated balancing method, file de2a6153-91d7-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 3
Reliability analysis and allocation for electric and hybrid vehicles, file b9a499f2-6314-4ccb-99cd-7d1e3f6298a2 2
“Integrated Hazards Method (IHM): a new safety allocation technique”, file de2a6152-fed0-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 2
Risk Assessment in a Co-Generation System: Validation of a New Safety Allocation Technique, file de2a6152-fed9-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 2
Validation and application of a reliability allocation technique (Advanced Integrated Factors Method) to an industrial system, file de2a6153-0a1b-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 2
Study and modelling of very flexible lines through simulation, file de2a6153-9ad5-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 2
LEAN START CANVAS: development and application of a new integrated agile approach for Business Model, file 2281f23f-8374-4941-b9a8-21aa354d920c 1
TPM Application to a Company of Automotive Components, file de2a6152-f2e5-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
Technical and Economical Feasibility of All Electric Melter for Large Production of Blow Glass, file de2a6152-f323-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
TPM Application to a Company of Automative Components, file de2a6152-f369-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
“Progettazione e gestione degli impianti industriali”, file de2a6152-f47b-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
R.A.M.S. Analysis in a sintering plant by the employment of a new Reliability Allocation Method, file de2a6152-fe8a-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
R.A.M.S. analysis for the cooling system of the conical nozzle of a plasma wind tunnel, file de2a6152-fedd-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
Technical and economical analysis of the layout of a palletization plant trough simulation techniques, file de2a6153-0180-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
Safety Engineering: development of a new method for Risk Assessment, EfficientRiskPriorityNumber, file de2a6153-0894-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
Proposal of a Methodology For Non-Formal Competence Certification, file de2a6153-0a1c-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
Chemical risk assessment in a textile serigraphy department based on MoVaRisCh method, file de2a6153-0a1f-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
A Weighing Algorithm for Checking Missing Components in a Pharmaceutical Line, file de2a6153-0a25-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
Use of Simulation for the Prevention of Environmental Problems, file de2a6153-919a-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
Green chemistry contribution towards more equitable global sustainability and greater circular economy: A systematic literature review, file de2a6154-2037-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
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