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Metal-ceramic composite materials from zeolite precursor, file de2a6152-ff7c-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 3
Preparation and characterization of magnetic and porous metal-ceramic nanocomposites from a zeolite precursor and their application for DNA separation, file de2a6153-8a4a-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 3
CO2 adsorption on Aluminosilicate Single-Walled Nanotubes of Imogolite type, file de2a6153-04fe-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 2
Application of highly porous materials for simazine removal from aqueous solutions, file de2a6153-48c4-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 2
Photo-activated degradation of tartrazine by H 2 O 2 as catalyzed by both bare and Fe-doped methyl-imogolite nanotubes, file de2a6153-a1a9-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 2
Substution clustering in a non-stoichiometric celsian synthesized by thermal transformation of barium exchanged zeolite-X, file de2a6152-fd89-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
Microwave-assisted hydrothermal conversion of Ba-exchanged zeolite A into metastable paracelsian, file de2a6152-fda3-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
Parameters Expediting the Thermal Conversion of Ba-Exchanged > Zeolite A to Monoclinic Celsian, file de2a6153-0126-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
The role of the residual Na+ and Li+ on thermal transformations of Ba-exchanged zeolite A, file de2a6153-039c-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
Films by slurry coating of nanometric YSZ (8 mol% Y2 O3) powders synthesized by low-temperature hydrothermal treatment, file de2a6153-7f28-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
A simple model for a complex system: Kinetics of water oxidation with the [Ru(bpy)3]2+/S2O82− photosystem as catalyzed by Mn2O3 under different illumination conditions, file de2a6153-893e-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
Relationships between the Water Content of Zeolites and their Cation Population, file de2a6153-8b83-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
Role of pH in the Aqueous Phase Reactivity of Zerovalent Iron Nanoparticles with Acid Orange 7, a Model Molecule of Azo Dyes, file de2a6153-99f8-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
Chemical heterogeneity in phosphosilicate gels by NMR magnetisation exchange, file de2a6153-9cee-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
Structure and non-isothermal crystallization of glasses in the BaO- B2O3-SiO2 system, file de2a6153-9d6d-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
FTIR study of the thermal transformation of barium exchanged zeolite A to celsian, file de2a6153-a144-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
Sol-gel synthesis of humidity-sensitive P2O5-SiO2 amorphous films, file de2a6153-a2bf-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
Solid state 29Si and 31P NMR study of gel derived phosphosilicate glasses, file de2a6153-a2f5-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
IR spectroscopic study of the acidic properties of alumino-silicate single-walled nanotubes of the imogolite type, file de2a6153-a2fe-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
Decontamination of waters polluted with simazine by sorption on mesoporous metal oxides, file de2a6153-a2ff-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
29Si and 27Al NMR study of the thermal transformation of barium exchanged zeolite-A to celsian, file de2a6153-a30b-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
FTIR and DTA study of structural transformations and crystallization in BaO- B2O3-TiO2 glasses, file de2a6153-a336-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
Structure and non-isothermal crystallization of glasses in the BaO-B2O3-TiO2 system, file de2a6153-a338-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
Simazine removal from waters by adsorption on porous silicas tailored by sol–gel technique, file de2a6153-a581-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
Modes of interaction of simazine with the surface of amorphous silica in water. Part II: Adsorption at temperatures higher than ambient, file de2a6153-a999-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
Modes of Interaction of Simazine with the Surface of Model Amorphous Silicas in Water, file de2a6153-a99c-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
Solid state 1H NMR study, humidity sensitivity and protonic conduction of gel derived phosphosilicate glasses, file de2a6153-aa1b-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
New Insights into the Role of the Synthesis Procedure on the Performance of Co-Based Catalysts for Ethanol Steam Reforming, file de2a6153-c204-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
Simulated moon agglutinates obtained from zeolite precursor by means of a low-cost and scalable synthesis method, file de2a6153-df03-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
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