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CN - Cina 1
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 1
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London 1
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New York 1
Rome 1
Seregno 1
Washington 1
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Nome #
Threshold conditions for transversal modes of tunable plasmonic nanolasers shaped as single and twin graphene-covered circular quantum wires, file a0bdd179-5eca-468e-9d6b-073d20328138 23
Helmholtz–Galerkin Regularizing Technique for the Analysis of the THz-Range Surface-Plasmon-Mode Resonances of a Graphene Microdisk Stack, file 32d8e954-ac26-4fac-bae4-8a0b683db058 18
A Simple and Low-Cost Technique for 5G Conservative Human Exposure Assessment, file ef3bb21f-ba24-4b2a-8aaa-5c002cdc7b33 9
Plane-Wave Diffraction from Resistive-Filled Circular Hole in Infinite Resistive Plane: An Analytically Regularizing Approach, file eae6f1d3-ceab-4be2-b3d9-d9d284c81119 8
Analytical Regularization Approach to Plane Wave Diffraction from Circular Hole in Infinite Resistive Plane, file 908afed1-f1c7-4920-8905-2c649268dbd3 7
Guaranteed-Convergence Method of Analysis of the Scattering by an Arbitrarily Oriented Zero-Thickness PEC Disk Buried in a Lossy Half-Space, file de2a6153-5d66-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 6
Controllable Local Propagation Environment to Maximize the Multiplexing Capability of Massive MIMO Systems, file c96d8cee-ead2-4dcf-a887-30acd91bec42 5
Experimental Characterization of a Dual-Polarised Parasitic Patch Antenna, file de2a6153-b28a-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 5
Electromagnetic Scattering by a Zero-Thickness PEC Annular Ring: a New Highly Efficient MoM Solution, file de2a6153-8ce9-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 4
The Method of Analytical Preconditioning in the Analysis of the Propagation in Dielectric Waveguides with Wedges, file de2a6153-cddc-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 4
Scattering by Polygonal Cross-Section Dielectric Cylinders at Oblique Incidence, file de2a6152-fe7e-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 3
Spectral Domain Analysis of Open Single and Coupled Microstrip Lines With Polygonal Cross-Section in Bound and Leaky Regimes, file de2a6153-0d52-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 3
Full-wave analysis of microstrip transmission lines of polygonal cross-section, file de2a6153-86f3-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 3
Scattering by a Zero-Thickness PEC Disk: A New Analytically Regularizing Procedure Based on Helmholtz Decomposition and Galerkin Method, file de2a6153-8a76-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 3
Efficient Evaluation of Slowly Converging Integrals Arising from MAP Application to a Spectral-Domain Integral Equation, file de2a6153-e152-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 3
Accurate and efficient analysis of stripline structures, file de2a6152-fd52-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 2
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Analysis of the electromagnetic scattering by perfectly conducting convex polygonal cylinders, file de2a6152-fe0a-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 2
Electromagnetic scattering by multiple perfectly conducting arbitrary polygonal cylinders, file de2a6152-fe68-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 2
TE Scattering by Arbitrarily Connected Conducting Strips, file de2a6152-feb8-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 2
An EFIE Formulation for the Analysis of Leaky-wave Antennas Based on Polygonal Cross-Section Open Waveguides, file de2a6153-0833-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 2
Effective Analysis of the Propagation in Coupled Rectangular-Core Waveguides, file de2a6153-0835-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 2
Cut-Off Wavenumbers of Polygonal Cross Section Waveguides, file de2a6153-0836-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 2
Shielding effect of a strip of finite thickness, file de2a6153-6920-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 2
A new analytically regularizing method for the analysis of the scattering by a hollow finite-length pec circular cylinder, file de2a6153-6aee-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 2
Circular Dielectric Rod with Conformal Strip of Graphene as Tunable Terahertz Antenna: Interplay of Inverse Electromagnetic Jet, Whispering Gallery and Plasmon Effects, file de2a6154-0b98-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 2
Electromagnetic scattering from a graphene disk: Helmholtz-Galerkin technique and surface plasmon resonances, file de2a6154-376e-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 2
Plane wave scattering from thin dielectric disk in free space: Generalized boundary conditions, regularizing Galerkin technique and whispering gallery mode resonances, file de2a6154-3770-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 2
Accurate and Efficient Analysis of the Electromagnetic Scattering from a thin disk, file b3e2e760-24e4-4848-8293-eb3793b5b7f5 1
Dual-baseline SAR interferometry from correlated phase signals, file de2a6152-f30d-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
A new method for the accurate and efficient analysis of multiple coupled microstrip lines, file de2a6152-f30e-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
Closed-Form Evaluation of the Second-Order Statistical Distribution of the Interferometric Phases in Dual-Baseline SAR Systems, file de2a6152-fa1a-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
TM Scattering by Perfectly Conducting Polygonal Cross-Section Cylinders: A New Surface Current Density Expansion Retaining up to the Second-Order Edge Behavior, file de2a6153-0448-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
An Analytical Technique to Fast Evaluate Mutual Coupling Integrals in Spectral Domain Analysis of Multilayered Coplanar Coupled Striplines, file de2a6153-0449-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
A New High-Efficient Spectral-Domain Analysis of Single and Multiple Coupled Microstrip Lines in Planarly Layered Media, file de2a6153-044a-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
Electromagnetic Scattering by a Perfectly Conducting Rectangular Plate Buried in a Lossy Half-Space, file de2a6153-0832-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
Scattering by a Tilted Strip Buried in a Lossy Half-Space at Oblique Incidence, file de2a6153-0834-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
Complex resonances of a rectangular patch in a multilayered medium: a new accurate and efficient analytical technique, file de2a6153-0aef-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
An Efficient Evaluation of the Self-Contribution Integrals in the Spectral-Domain Analysis of Multilayered Striplines, file de2a6153-0d53-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
A New High Efficient Analysis of the Scattering by a Perfectly Conducting Rectangular Plate, file de2a6153-0d54-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
Examples of analytically regularized scattering problems via Helmholtz decomposition and Galerkin method, file de2a6153-6aed-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
Full wave analysis of leaky-wave antennas, file de2a6153-6ed7-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
A Compressive-Sensing Inspired Alternate Projection Algorithm for Sparse Array Synthesis, file de2a6153-7f2a-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
An Accurate and Efficient Analysis of Very Large but Narrow Zero-Thickness PEC Annular Rings, file de2a6153-8a6f-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
An effective method for the analysis of propagation in polygonal cross-section dielectric waveguides, file de2a6153-8c7c-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
Efficient large sparse arrays synthesis by means of smooth re-weighted L1 minimization, file de2a6153-d8f7-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
TM Electromagnetic Scattering from PEC Polygonal Cross-Section Cylinders: A New Analytical Approach for the Efficient Evaluation of Improper Integrals Involving Oscillating and Slowly Decaying Functions, file de2a6153-e197-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
Efficient and Effective Synthesis of Large Arrays for 5G and Beyond, file de2a6154-0a61-86a2-e053-1705fe0a3017 1
Full-wave Validation of Plane Waves Model for Numerical Dosimetry in Reverberation Chambers, file fbf28f2b-69f2-49a4-9b5c-7c657ccbe274 1
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