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Exploring the relationship between governance, power of control and organizational conflict: a survey on small and medium Italian family firms 1-gen-2013 Mercurio, Lorenzo; Mangia, G; Martinez, M; PEZZILLO IACONO, M.
Exploring the retail industry environment using nonlinear analysis 1-gen-2019 MORETTA TARTAGLIONE, Andrea; Bruni, Roberto; Bozic, Maja
Exploring the Use of Operational Interventions in Water Distribution Systems to Reduce the Formation of TTHMs 1-gen-2017 Quintiliani, Claudia; Alfonso, L.; DI CRISTO, Cristiana; Leopardi, Angelo; DE MARINIS, Giovanni
Export-led Growth and Balance of Payment: The Case of Italy 1-gen-2002 Federici, Daniela; Marconi, D.
Exporting a European Idea of Social Protection: The Fight Against ‘Competitive Flexibility’ in the Globalised Economy 1-gen-2000 Ales, Edoardo
Exposure to airborne particles: estimation of dose and lung cancer risk of the population living in western countries 18-mar-2020 Pacitto, Antonio
[Exposure to ELF and VLF electromagnetic fields in the hospital environment: the results of a field study] 1-gen-1996 Damiani, G; Marchetti, M; Capelli, Giovanni; Vaudo, G; Catananti, C; Tofani, S.
Exposure to particle concentrations in several microenvironments 1-gen-2010 Buonanno, Giorgio; Stabile, Luca; Vigo, Paolo; Viola, Agostino
Exposure to particle number, surface area and PM concentrations in pizzerias 1-gen-2010 Buonanno, Giorgio; Morawska, L; Stabile, Luca; Viola, Agostino
Exposure to particles emitted from biomass burning systems in indoors 1-gen-2017 Stabile, Luca; Buonanno, Giorgio; Avino, Pasquale; Manigrasso, Maurizio; Scungio, Mauro
Exposure to submicron particles and estimation of the dose received by children in school and non-school environments 1-gen-2020 Pacitto, A.; Stabile, L.; Russo, S.; Buonanno, G.
Exposure to welding particles in an automotive plant 1-gen-2010 Buonanno, Giorgio; Morawska, L.
Exposure to welding particles in automotive plants 1-gen-2011 Buonanno, Giorgio; L., Morawska; Stabile, Luca
Expression of AMPA-type glutamate receptors in HEK cells and cerebellar granule neurons impairs CXCL2-meditaed chemotaxis 1-gen-2003 Limatola, C.; DI BARTOLOMEO, S.; Trettel, F.; Lauro, C.; Ciotti, M. T.; Mercanti, D.; Castellani, Loriana; Eusebi, F.
Expression of Emotions and Cognitive Processing in Poetic Achievement: Psychological Considerations on the Poem "The Infinite" by Giacomo Leopardi 1-gen-2011 Tomassoni, Rosella; Vizzaccaro, A.
Expression of the Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone Receptor (GHRH-R)/Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide Receptor (VIP-R)-like genes in the rat ovary 1-gen-1994 C., Moretti; Frajese, Giovanni; M. L., Scaldaferri; K. K., Arora; K. J. CATT AND G., Frajese
The extended body in the teaching-learning process 1-gen-2014 Di Tore, S.; Aiello, P.; Di Tore, P. A.; Sibilio, M.
Extended period simulation in the estimation of the economic level of reliability for the rehabilitation of water distribution systems 1-gen-2007 DE MARINIS, Giovanni; Gargano, Rudy; Kapelan, Z; Morley, M. S.; Savic, D; Tricarico, Carla
Extended target detection and localization in 802.11ad/y radars 1-gen-2020 Grossi, E.; Lops, M.; Tulino, A. M.; Venturino, L.
Extending a Short-range Wireless Instrumentation Bus to a Geographic Network 1-gen-2006 Ferrigno, Luigi; Paciello, Vincenzo; Pietrosanto, A.
Mostrati risultati da 9.081 a 9.100 di 28.357
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