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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
What is the Khartoum Variant? New Data from Sai Island (Sudan) 1-gen-2005 Garcea, Elena Antonella Alda
What is the Khartoum Variant? New Data from Sai Island (Sudan). In corso di stampa Garcea, Elena Antonella Alda
What is the minimum training data size to reliably identify writers in medieval manuscripts? 1-gen-2020 Cilia, N. D.; De Stefano, C.; Fontanella, F.; Molinara, M.; Scotto di Freca, A.
What type of content does get the most positive response on Instagram? A content analysis of Italian celebrity chef profiles. 1-gen-2017 Sansone, Marcello; Colamatteo, Annarita; Pagnanelli, Maria Anna
What went wrong with Italy and what the country should fight for in Europe 1-gen-2019 Cesaratto, Sergio; Zezza, Gennaro
What Will 5G Be? 1-gen-2014 J. G., Andrews; Buzzi, Stefano; W., Choi; S., Hanly; A., Lozano; A. C. K., Soong; J., Zhang
What's ahead for the Greek economy? 1-gen-2020 Papadimitriou, Dimitri B.; Pierros, Christos; Rodosaukis, Nikos; Zezza, Gennaro
What's Genetic Variation Got to Do with It? Starvation-Induced Self-Fertilization Enhances Survival in Paramecium 1-gen-2020 Singh Thind, Amarinder; Vitali, Valerio; Guarracino, Mario Rosario; Catania, Francesco
What’s in a potsherd? Technical, cultural and chronological features of pre-pastoral and pastoral ceramics from the Libyan Sahara. 1-gen-2001 Garcea, Elena Antonella Alda
When Local Optimization is Bad: Learning What to (Not) Maximize in the Null-Space for Redundant Robot Control 1-gen-2023 Golluccio, Giacomo; Di Lillo, Paolo; Marino, Alessandro; Antonelli, Gianluca
When the potters make the story of Sai Island (Upper Nubia, Sudan) from 7000 BC to 2500 BC 1-gen-2013 Garcea, Elena Antonella Alda
When will Italy recover? 1-gen-2020 Papadimitriou, Dimitri B.; Zezza, Francesco; Zezza, Gennaro
Where are the niches? Dynamic Fitness Sharing 1-gen-2007 DE STEFANO, Claudio; DELLA CIOPPA, A; Marcelli, A.
Where to publish? 1-gen-2017 Garcea, E. A. A.
Which Audiences for Manuscripts? 1-gen-2010 Palma, Marco
Which dimensions of health-related quality of life are altered in patients attending the different gynecologic oncology health care settings? 1-gen-2002 Capelli, Giovanni; DE VINCENZO, Ri; Addamo, A; Bartolozzi, F; Braggio, N; Scambia, G.
Which instruments for Geological mapping? The Case of the Italian Geological Survey 1-gen-2003 Corsi, Pietro
Which organizational models stimulate higher access to agricultural extension services? Empirical evidence from Italy 1-gen-2013 Bartoli, Luca; DE ROSA, Marcello; G., La Rocca
Which policies and interventions work to improve reduction of inequalities in accessibility and quality of health care delivery for UM?A review of the existing evidence in the European Region 1-gen-2015 DE VITO, Elisabetta; de Waure, Chiara; Specchia, Maria Lucia; Ricciardi, Walter
Which relationship between authentic assessment and new technologies? 1-gen-2023 Arduini, Giovanni
Mostrati risultati da 28.328 a 28.347 di 28.484
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