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Hydrogeological insights and modelling for sustainable use of a stressed carbonate aquifer in the Mediterranean area: From passive withdrawals to active management. 1-gen-2020 Lancia, Michele; Petitta, Marco; Zheng, Chunmiao; Saroli, Michele
The hydrogeological response of the Sibillini Mts. carbonate aquifer to the Mw 6.5 Norcia earthquake: conceptual model and numerical analysis. 1-gen-2023 Zullo, E.; Albano, M.; Saroli, M.; Moro, M.; Testa, G.; Bonora, N.; Petitta, M.; Doglioni, C.
The hydrogeological setting of the Cassino plain (central Italy). 1-gen-2015 Lancia, Michele; Saroli, Michele; Petitta, Marco; Sapia, Vincenzo; Marchetti, Marco; Albano, Matteo; Mugnozza Gabriele, Scarascia
Hydrogeological study and numerical model of the Suio-Castelforte hydrothermal area (central Italy). 1-gen-2016 Casale, Anna; Saroli, Michele; Giovinco, Gaspare; Lancia, Michele;  albano, M.; Zarlenga, F.; Dell'Isola, Marco
Hydrogeological study of the Venafro Mts. (central-southern Italy) carbonate aquifer: numerical analysis and management scenarios. 1-gen-2021 Lancia, Michele; Petitta, Marco; Zheng, Chunmiao; Saroli, Michele
A hydrogeological study to assess the geothermal potentiality of Suio Terme (central Italy) 1-gen-2015 Saroli, Michele; Casale, Anna; Lancia, Michele; Giovinco, Gaspare; Albano, Matteo; Petitta, Marco; Sapia, Vincenzo; Marchetti, Marco; Zarlenga, Francesco; Dell'Isola, Marco
The hydrogeology of the Cassino basin from Boni to Celico: 30 years later. 1-gen-2016 Saroli, Michele; Lancia, Michele; Petitta, M.
Hydrolysis for Exploitation of Lignocellulosic Biomass in Mediterranean Regions. 1-gen-1986 Alfani, F; Cantarella, Laura; Gallifuoco, A; Marvaso, D; Cantarella, M.
Hydrolytic reactions in two-phase systems. Effect of water immiscible organic solvents on stability and activity of acid phosphatase, beta-glucosidase and beta-fructo furanosidase 1-gen-1990 Cantarella, M; Cantarella, Laura; Alfani, F.
Hydrothermal conversion of trachytic glass into zeolite. 2. Reactions with high salinity waters 1-gen-1993 Colella, M. de G. e. n. n. a. r. o. C.; Pansini, Michele
Hydrothermal crystallization-stabilizationof zirconia xerogel in the presence of different yttria (3 mol%) precursors 1-gen-2002 Dell'Agli, Gianfranco; Mascolo, Giuseppe
Hydrothermal synthesis at low temperature of gadolinium doped ceria 1-gen-2015 Spiridigliozzi, Luca; Dell'Agli, Gianfranco; Marocco, Antonello; Accardo, G.; Ferone, C.; Cioffi, R.
Hydrothermal synthesis of precursors for Y-TZP/Al2O3 composite 1-gen-2004 Dell'Agli, Gianfranco; Mascolo, Maria Cristina; Mascolo, Giuseppe
Hydrothermal synthesis of T-TZP/alfa–Al2O3 composite powders 1-gen-2003 Dell'Agli, Gianfranco; Mascolo, Maria Cristina; Mascolo, G.
Hydrothermal Synthesis of Y-TZP/A-Al2O3 composite powders, 1-gen-2003 Dell'Agli, Gianfranco; Mascolo, Maria Cristina; G., Mascolo
Hydrothermal synthesis of ZrO2-Y2O3 solid solutions at low temperature 1-gen-2000 Dell'Agli, Gianfranco; Mascolo, Giuseppe
Hydroydnamic Pressures on Dams during Earthquake - Approximate Formulation 1-gen-1997 DE MARTINO, G; Giugni, M; DE MARINIS, Giovanni
Hypermethylation of GpG islands in the promoter region of p15(INK4b) in acute promyelocytic leukemia represses p15(INK4b) expression and correlates with poor prognosis 1-gen-2003 L., Teofili; M., Martini; L. M., Luongo; D., Diverio; Capelli, Giovanni; M., Breccia; F., LO COCO; G., Leone; L. M., Larocca
Hypothalamo-pituitary surveillance imaging in hypopituitary patients receiving long-term GH replacement therapy 1-gen-2001 Frajese, Giovanni; Drake, Wm; Loureiro, Ra; Evanson, J; Coyte, D; Wood, Df; Grossman, Ab; Besser, Gm; Monson, Jp
Hypothalamo-pituitary tumor surveillance imaging in patients taking GH replacement 1-gen-2000 Wm, Drake; Frajese, Giovanni; J., Evanson; D., Coyte; Pj, Jenkins; Pj, Trainer; Df, Wood; Ab, Grossman; GM BESSER AND JP, Monson
Mostrati risultati da 11.193 a 11.212 di 28.484
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