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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Damage development in high purity copper under varying dynamic conditions and microstructural states using continuum damage mechanics 1-gen-2009 Bonora, Nicola; Ruggiero, Andrew; Esposito, L.; Iannitti, G.
Damage development in rod-on-rod impact test on 1100 pure aluminum 1-gen-2017 Iannitti, Gianluca; Bonora, Nicola; Bourne, N.; Ruggiero, Andrew; Testa, Gabriel
Deformation and failure of OFHC copper under high strain rate shear compression 1-gen-2017 Ruggiero, Andrew; Testa, Gabriel; Bonora, Nicola; Iannitti, Gianluca; Persechino, Italo; Colliander, M. H.
Differential geometry based model for eddy current inspection of U-bend sections in steam generator tubes 1-gen-2017 Mukherjee, S.; Rosell, A.; Udpa, L.; Udpa, S.; Tamburrino, A.
Ductile damage evolution assessment in high purity copper and stainless steel subjected to different shock-loading profiles using cohesive modeling 1-gen-2009 Ruggiero, Andrew; Bonora, Nicola; Esposito, L.; Gray III, G. T.
Ductile damage evolution in high purity copper taylor impact test 1-gen-2012 Bonora, Nicola; Ruggiero, Andrew; Iannitti, Gianluca; Testa, Gabriel
EC-GMR Array with Rotating Current Excitation for Multilayered Riveted Structures Inspection 1-gen-2015 Dib, Gerges; Yang, Guang; Ye, Chaofeng; Tamburrino, Antonello; Udpa, Lalita; Udpa, Satish S.
Evaluation and design of a rain gauge network using a statistical optimization method in a severe hydro-geological hazard prone area 1-gen-2017 Fattoruso, Grazia; Longobardi, Antonia; Pizzuti, Alfredo; Molinara, Mario; Marocco, Claudio; De Vito, Saverio; Tortorella, Francesco; Di Francia, Girolamo
Image Processing Algorithms for Automated Analysis of GMR Data from Inspection of Multilayer Structures 1-gen-2015 Karpenko, Oleksii; Safdernejad, Seyed; Dib, Gerges; Udpa, Lalita; Udpa, Satish; Tamburrino, Antonello
Influence of joint rotational stiffness on the design optimization of grid shells 1-gen-2023 Tomei, Valentina; Grande, Ernesto; Imbimbo, Maura
Investigation on grain size effect in high strain rate ductility of 1100 pure aluminum 1-gen-2017 Bonora, Nicola; Bourne, N.; Ruggiero, Andrew; Iannitti, Gianluca; Testa, Gabriel
Li/Gd co-doped Barium-cerate perovskites as proton-conducting electrolytes for LT-SOFCs 1-gen-2019 Accardo, G.; Spiridigliozzi, L.; Yoon, S. P.; Dell'Agli, G.
Modelling and simulation of dynamic recrystallization (DRX) in OFHC copper at very high strain rates 1-gen-2017 Testa, Gabriel; Bonora, Nicola; Ruggiero, Andrew; Iannitti, Gianluca; Persechino, Italo; Hörnqvist, M.; Mortazavi, N.
NDE of composite structures using microwave time reversal imaging 1-gen-2016 Mukherjee, S.; Tamburrino, Antonello; Udpa, L.; Udpa, S.
Numerical analyses of spray development and combustion process with diesel-gasoline-ethanol mixtures in compression-ignition engines 1-gen-2019 Fontana, G.; Galloni, E.
Optimization of Coil Design for Near Uniform Interrogating Field Generation 1-gen-2015 Su, Z.; Efremov, A.; Safdarnejad, M.; Tamburrino, Antonello; Udpa, L.; Udpa, S. S.
Ultrafine particle size distribution during high velocity impact of high density metals 1-gen-2012 Buonanno, Giorgio; Stabile, Luca; Ruggiero, Andrew; Iannitti, Gianluca; Bonora, Nicola
Validating material modelling for OFHC copper using Dynamic Tensile Extrusion (DTE) test at different velocity impact 1-gen-2017 Bonora, Nicola; Testa, Gabriel; Ruggiero, Andrew; Iannitti, Gianluca; Hörnquist Colliander, M.; Mortazavi, N.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 18 di 18
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