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Retinal Vessel Segmentation Through Denoising and Mathematical Morphology 1-gen-2017 Savelli, Benedetta; Marchesi, Agnese; Bria, Alessandro; Marrocco, Claudio; Molinara, Mario; Tortorella, Francesco
Spatial Enhancement by Dehazing for Detection of Microcalcifications with Convolutional Nets 1-gen-2017 Bria, Alessandro; Marrocco, C.; Galdran, A.; Campilho, A.; Marchesi, A.; Mordang, J. J.; Karssemeijer, N.; Molinara, M.; Tortorella, F.
Illumination Correction by Dehazing for Retinal Vessel Segmentation 1-gen-2017 Savelli, Benedetta; Bria, Alessandro; Galdran, Adrian; Marrocco, Claudio; Molinara, Mario; Campilho, Aurelio; Tortorella, Francesco
The Effect of Mammogram Preprocessing on Microcalcification Detection with Convolutional Neural Networks 1-gen-2017 Marchesi, Agnese; Bria, Alessandro; Marrocco, Claudio; Molinara, Mario; Mordang, Jan-Jurre; Tortorella, Francesco; Karssemeijer, Nico
Improving computer-aided detection assistance in breast cancer screening by removal of obviously false-positive findings 1-gen-2017 Mordang, Jan-jurre; Gubern-mérida, Albert; Bria, Alessandro; Tortorella, Francesco; Den Heeten, Gerard; Karssemeijer, Nico
The importance of early detection of calcifications associated with breast cancer in screening 1-gen-2017 Mordang, J. J; Gubern-mérida, A; Bria, A; Tortorella, F; Mann, R. M; Broeders, M. J. M; Den Heeten, G. J; Karssemeijer, N.
Mammogram denoising to improve the calcification detection performance of convolutional nets 1-gen-2018 Marrocco, C.; Bria, A.; Di Sano, V.; Borges, L. R.; Savelli, B.; Molinara, M.; Mordang, J. -J.; Karssemeijer, N.; Tortorella, F.
On the Duality Between Retinex and Image Dehazing 1-gen-2018 Galdran, Adrian; Bria, Alessandro; Alvarez-Gila, Aitor; Vazquez-Corral, Javier; Bertalmio, Marcelo
Improving the automated detection of calcifications by combining deep cascades and deep convolutional nets 1-gen-2018 Bria, A.; Marrocco, C.; Molinara, M.; Savelli, B.; Mordang, J. -J.; Karssemeijer, N.; Tortorella, F.
A deep learning framework for micro-calcification detection in 2D mammography and C-view 1-gen-2018 Trovini, G.; Napoli, C.; Marti, R.; Martin, A.; Bria, A.; Marrocco, C.; Molinara, M.; Tortorella, F.; Diaz, O.
Improving the Automated Detection of Calcifications using Adaptive Variance Stabilization 1-gen-2018 Bria, Alessandro; Marrocco, Claudio; Borges, Lucas R.; Molinara, Mario; Marchesi, Agnese; Mordang, Jan-Jurre; Karssemeijer, Nico; Tortorella, Francesco
A No-Reference Quality Metric for Retinal Vessel Tree Segmentation 1-gen-2018 Galdran, Adrian; Costa, Pedro; Bria, Alessandro; Araújo, Teresa; Mendonça, Ana Maria; Campilho, Aurélio
Deep Transfer Learning for writer identification in medieval books 1-gen-2018 Bria, Alessandro; Cilia, Nicole Dalia; De Stefano, Claudio; Fontanella, Francesco; Marrocco, Claudio; Molinara, Mario; Scotto di Freca, Alessandra; Tortorella, Francesco
Combining convolutional neural networks for multi-context microcalcification detection in mammograms 1-gen-2019 Savelli, B.; Marrocco, C.; Bria, A.; Molinara, M.; Tortorella, F.
A novel smart system for contaminants detection and recognition in water 1-gen-2019 Ferdinandi, M.; Molinara, M.; Cerro, G.; Ferrigno, L.; Marrocco, Claudio; Bria, A.; Di Meo, P.; Bourelly, C.; Simmarano, R.
Exploiting Multi-Level Parallelism for Stitching Very Large Microscopy Images 1-gen-2019 Bria, Alessandro; Bernaschi, Massimo; Guarrasi, Massimiliano; Iannello, Giulio
An IoT-ready solution for automated recognition of water contaminants 1-gen-2020 Bria, A.; Cerro, G.; Ferdinandi, M.; Marrocco, C.; Molinara, M.
A multi-context CNN ensemble for small lesion detection 1-gen-2020 Savelli, B.; Bria, A.; Marrocco, C.; Tortorella, F; Molinara, M.
A Preliminary Solution for Anomaly Detection in Water Quality Monitoring 1-gen-2020 Bourelly, C.; Bria, A.; Ferrigno, L.; Gerevini, L.; Marrocco, C.; Molinara, M.; Cerro, G.; Cicalini, M.; Ria, A.
Addressing class imbalance in deep learning for small lesion detection on medical images 1-gen-2020 Bria, Alessandro; Marrocco, Claudio; Tortorella, Francesco
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