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High voltage bipolar mode JFET with normally-Off characteristics 1-gen-1985 S., Bellone; A., Caruso; P., Spirito; G., Vitale; Busatto, Giovanni; G., Cocorullo; G., Ferla; S., Musumeci
The turn-off transient of the Bipolar Mode Field Effect Transistor 1-gen-1988 G., Vitale; Busatto, Giovanni
Performance Analysis of a Bipolar Mode FET (BMFET) with normally Off characteristics 1-gen-1988 A., Caruso; P., Spirito; G., Vitale; Busatto, Giovanni; G., Ferla; G., Musumeci
Recombination lifetime profiling in very thin Si epitaxial layers used for bipolar VLSI 1-gen-1989 P., Spirito; S., Bellone; C., Ransom; Busatto, Giovanni; G., Cocorullo
Recombination measurement on N-type heavily-doped layer in high/low silicon junctions 1-gen-1991 S., Bellone; Busatto, Giovanni; C. M., Ransom
Physical Modeling of Bipolar Mode JFET for CAE/CADSimulation 1-gen-1993 Busatto, Giovanni
BMFET vs BJT in reverse bias safe operations 1-gen-1996 Busatto, Giovanni; L., Fratelli
Effects of metallization lay-out on turn-off failure of modern power bipolar transistors 1-gen-1996 Busatto, Giovanni; A., Conte; A., Patti
Advanced RBSOA Analysis for Advanced Power BJT's 1-gen-1996 Busatto, Giovanni; L., Fratelli; A., Patti
Activation of parasitic bipolar transistor during reverse recovery of MOSFET’s intrinsic diode 1-gen-1997 Busatto, Giovanni; Persiano, G. V.; Strollo, A.; Spirito, P.
PSPICE model for GTOs 1-gen-1998 Busatto, Giovanni; Iannuzzo, Francesco; L., Fratelli
Series connection of IGBTs in hard-switching applications 1-gen-1998 Busatto, Giovanni; Cascone, B.; Fratelli, L.; Luciano, A. M.
A circuit model for GTOs based on lumped charge approach 1-gen-1998 Iannuzzo, Francesco; Busatto, Giovanni
EFFETCS OF HEAVY ION IMPACT ON POWER DIODES 1-gen-1999 Busatto, Giovanni; Iannuzzo, Francesco; Wyss, Jeffery; Pantano, D.; Bisello, D.
Reliability tests of power IGBTs for railway traction 1-gen-1999 Fratelli, L.; Giannini, G.; Cascone, B.; Busatto, Giovanni
A non-destructive technique for magnetic imaging of current distributions inside power modules 1-gen-1999 Pepe, G. P.; Busatto, Giovanni; Ruosi, A.; Valentino, M.; Peluso, G.
A lumped charge model for GTOs suitable for circuit simulation 1-gen-1999 Iannuzzo, Francesco; Busatto, Giovanni
Experimental and numerical investigation on MOSFET’s failure during reverse recovery of its internal diode 1-gen-1999 Busatto, Giovanni; Persiano, G. V.; Iannuzzo, Francesco
Numerical Analysis of the Activation of the Parasitic BJT during the Reverse Recovery of Power MOSFET Internal Diode 1-gen-1999 G. V., Persiano; Iannuzzo, Francesco; Busatto, Giovanni; P., Spirito
Effects of heavy ion impact on power diodes 1-gen-1999 Busatto, Giovanni; Iannuzzo, Francesco; Wyss, Jeffery; D., Pantano; D., Bisello
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 143
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